Stepa’s Sound

Stepa is a vocalist, lyricist and freestyle beat-poet originally from New Zealand, now based in Melbourne.

As a live performer her versatile style has seen her compliment a network of D.J’s and live outfits over the years. Recently she has joined Melbourne’s Liquid Funk Orchestra (a bass-heavy live band) as a frontline vocalist.

Stepa’s raps, spoken word and soulful vocals can enhance and emphasize all kinds of music. Notably, as a freestyle M.C she knows how to hold back and leans toward a ‘less is more’ approach when performing to a crowd of any size.

2013 marks a decade of development for this sound-devotee. In the past 10 years she has vocally supported U.K Dubstep artists such as; Distance, Plastician and N-Type, and New Zealand acts such as; D.J Alion, Organikismness, Olie Bassweight, Emma G, Soulware and Undertow.

As a recording artist Stepa’s vocals adorn a varied soundscape of Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Future Garage, House, Funk, Trap and much more.

As of late, Stepa has been pressed to vinyl, as the feature vocalist on ‘Set You Free’ a heavyweight Dubstep single produced by Chestplate label owner, Distance.

Stepa’s sound is constantly expanding, as she continues to conspire with an ever-increasing range of musicians and producers from around the world. With an upbeat E.P in the works and whispers of a darker-styled album, this bass-obsessed songstress keeps forging forward with no end in sight!

Here’s what the sound community have been saying:

“You’ve found your musical flow.” Optimus Gryme

“Girl, you’re giving me shivers!” M.C Tali

“The best thing about this track is I have never heard anything like it before.” Soulware’s Tsubliminal.

“I love it when you switch from gritty rap to melody and back.” D.J Flex (N.Z’s Dubclash Winner for 2011).

“This is what everyone’s going to be listening to six months from now.” Cassette Number Nine’s Boomio.